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In May the fabulous cast which took to the stage at the New Theatre alongside the RSC, Everyman members Steven Smith, Cari Barley, Paul Fanning, Phil Jones, Ricky Valentine and Henry Nott will be in Stratford Upon Avon to reprise their roles.

The team portray ‘The Mechanicals’ who are tasked with performing the Pyramus and Thisbe play for the wedding of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta.

After the run touring the country with other local companies filling the roles, the show has been to Belfast and will now be resident at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon where Everyman get to perform on the 13th and 14th of July.

Tickets are available here:

Come and experience with the end of this extraordinary journey!

Audition Notice for “A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG”

Performances: Tuesday 15 – Saturday, 19 November 2016 (inclusive) at Chapter Arts Centre.

The play

Originally set in 1967 Bristol, Nichols’ play is based upon his own experience of parenting a child with a severe form of disability.

BRIAN – a disillusioned Art teacher – and his wife, SHEILA, have a 10-year-old daughter, JOSEPHINE – the “Joe Egg” of the title – apparently described by a Germanic doctor as “a wegetable”. This is revealed by the couple in one of the knockabout vaudeville “routines” they play out as a coping strategy. Bri and Sheila also refer to their daughter as “a living parsnip” and joke that she needs an early night because her 11-plus is coming up!

“This remarkable play….. has to be described as a comedy, one of the funniest and most touching I’ve seen.” (Ronald Bryden – “The Observer”- 1967).

Joe Egg is unlike any play I’ve seen; concerns about whether it’s dated fade next to the claims that can now be made for it. It’s in the collisions between pious and rogue thoughts that the play’s energy lies. We don’t know what to feel. Which is why, once seen, Joe Egg won’t go away.”
(Robert Butler – “Independent on Sunday” – 1993).

One of the challenges the play presents to a Director and cast, is how to maintain a balance between the comic and tragic elements which are often side by side in the piece. Another challenge is to create an authentic set and costumes relating to 1967, whilst a third is the need to research the developments that have taken place during the intervening 40 years, in respect of attitudes, impact, support, care and technology in the context of Cerebral Palsy.

The play raises questions about sensitive issues – like all great modern drama – but then leaves it to us and the audience to arrive at the answers, if there are any.

The Audition Process

Auditions will be held in the Everyman Club Room at Chapter, on:

Friday 22 July (7.30pm start)

Friday 19 August (7.30 to 9 pm);

Saturday 20 August (10 am to 1pm; 2 to 5pm);

Sunday 21 August (10 am 1 pm; 2 to 5pm).

Recalls, or further auditions – if required – will be held from Friday 02 to Sunday 04 September. It may well be that we begin rehearsals on that weekend, if the play has already been cast and all timings will be confirmed later.

Auditions will take the form of workshops, so there is no need to learn anything! It will help, however, if you have time to:

  • Read or acquaint yourself with the play (we will be using the ‘Faber’ version);
  • Research “Cerebral Palsy”;
  • Research the Bristol dialect, which we may – or may not – use!

The Characters

BRI – 33, a teacher of Art in a local Secondary Modern School; hardly ever at rest; seemingly inept, clumsy; clowning may give way to ineffectual hectoring, then self-piteous gloom; married to

SHEILA – 35, serious; industrious; when dressed for socializing, can be “captivating”; housewife;

JOE (JOSEPHINE) – 10, their daughter; diagnosed as “spastic” (as a baby) with an extreme and complex form of Cerebral Palsy; suffers from epileptic fits; wheelchair-bound or is carried around; attends a Day Nursery; a challenging rôle for a young female actor (needs to “look” 10, but could be any age – AND in a fantasy sequence, the actor moves, sings, skips with a rope and talks to the audience directly).

FREDDIE – attended same school as BRI; a “friend”/ acquaintance; same age as Bri, but seems and behaves much older and “old school”, with ‘a hearty barking humourless laugh’; married to

PAM – ‘dresses well, mispronounces her words in an upper-class gabble… her postures and manners have been taken from fashionable magazines’ (of the mid-1960s). “We’re none of us perfect…. I can’t stand anything N.P.A. Non-Physically Attractive.”

GRACE – Bri’s mother; 65; ‘suburban, fastidious…. short-sighted but refuses to wear spectacles… Her manner is generally bright but …. spells of gloom when she tends to sigh a lot. Maternal!


I anticipate rehearsing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7.30 to 9.30 pm; possibly some Friday evenings, if cast available and Saturdays OR Sundays, from 10am to 1pm and 2 to 5pm. There may well be occasions when I will need to change or cancel a session, but I will ensure that the cast are notified well in advance of this.

Production Dates

Sunday, 13 November 2016 – Get-in and Technical/ Dress Rehearsal – main stage, Chapter;

Monday, 14 November 2016 – Final Dress Rehearsal;

Tuesday 15 to Saturday, 19 November 2016 – evening public performances; Matinée on Saturday, 19 November; Get-out on last night and on Sunday, 20 November 2016

Please check your own availability, with reference to the above. It would be appreciated if you could please inform me of any potential issues as soon as possible.

To book an audition please e-mail

Choose from the following:

Friday 22 July 7.30pm start;

Friday 19 August – 7.30 pm;

Saturday 20 August – 10 am; 11.30 am; 1 pm; or 2.30 pm;

Sunday 21 August – 10 am; 11.30 am; 1 pm; or 2.30 pm.

I will also need your name and contact details.

People can contact me on this e-mail address or by phone:

01446 – 711710 or 07454313286

NOTE: Please bring a recent passport-size photograph of yourself when you attend for your audition. Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and also to working with you on the production.      We have an excellent support team.                  

RAY THOMAS (Director)

JOE EGG Audition Form

Dream 16 – Everyman and the RSC!

On 24th May almost eighteen months of work comes to fruition when Everyman members Steven Smith, Cari Barley, Paul Fanning, Phil Jones, Ricky Valentine and Henry Nott join the professional cast of the RSC’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for their first performance at the New Theatre. The team portray ‘The Mechanicals’ who are tasked with performing the Pyramus and Thisbe play for the wedding of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta.

Everyman director Simon Futty has been extraordinarily lucky to have worked with deputy artistic director of the RSC, Erica Whyman and associate producer Sophie Ivatts in directing the team through auditions, conference call rehearsals, and now, an intensive week long rehearsal where the scenes are slotted into the professionally cast and directed production. In addition the team have received training in voice, movement and text-work from some of the RSC’s leading practitioners.

Tickets for the show are available here:

After the run the show tours to Belfast and then is resident at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon where Everyman get to perform on the 13th and 14th of July.

Tickets are available here:

Please come and support the team as well as experience with them the end of this extraordinary journey!


We are looking to widen our team of volunteers for this year’s Open Air Theatre Festival. Opportunities: backstage, front of house, bar, costume, hair & makeup, security, props, marketing, set painting and building. Develop existing skills or learn new ones. In return for your enthusiasm and commitment to at least 4 sessions we guarantee a fun time working with like minded creative people in the unique setting of Cardiff’s premiere open air theatre festival in Sophia Gardens (23rd June-30th July).
There are lots of dates and roles to choose from so come along to our Volunteer Evening, to meet other volunteers and key people involved in our festival. Please bring diaries as this will be an opportunity to sign up for the roles and dates you would like.

Tuesday 10th May 2016 8-10pm, Chapter Arts Centre, Upstairs Meeting Room (above the box office)

This is an informal gathering so feel free to stay for the duration or just drop in at any point during the evening, we look forward to seeing you!

For further information and to register your interest if you are unable to attend the event: Lynn Hoare

Do Not Go Gentle Cast

The following casting has been decided for the Cardiff performances only, of “Do Not Go Gentle” (Cornelius):

MARIA – Regina Levkovitch

SCOTT – Geraint Dixon

WILSON – Rosy Greenwood

BOWERS – Lydia Bateman

EVANS – Peter Harding-Roberts

OATES – John Atkinson


ALEX – Arnold Phillips

SCOT – tbc


TOURING PARTY (16 in total)


MARIA – Susan Gallagher (Drill Hall)

SCOTT – Geraint Dixon (Everyman)

WILSON – Rosy Greenwood (Everyman)

BOWERS – Cate Feldman (Drill Hall)

EVANS – Peter Harding-Roberts (Everyman)

OATES – Owen Trevor-Jones (Drill Hall)

CREATURE/ PETER – Max Donati (Drill Hall)

ALEX – Arnold Phillips (Everyman)

SCOT – Greg Aitken (Drill Hall)

Director – Ray Thomas (Everyman)

Assistant Directors – Julianne Sandison & Max Donati (Drill Hall)

Project Co-ordinator/ Liaison – Kath Thomas (Everyman)

Assistant Project Co-ordinator/ Liaison – Jill Benham (Drill Hall)

SM/ Tech – tbc (Everyman) and Alex Benham (Drill Hall)

Wardrobe/ Props/ Set co-ordinator & cover – Lydia Bateman (Everyman)

PLEASE NOTE – rehearsals will not begin until May, 2017 (Mullumbimby) and June, 2017 (Cardiff); the Cardiff cast will perform the play for the Matinée performance on Saturday 09 September 2017, during the Chapter run; the Mullumbimby cast will perform the play once during the Drill Hall run – possibly on Sunday 22 October.

We are all actively involved in seeking funding, sponsorship and partnership for the project and the “Tour”.

Please don’t be too disappointed if you are not listed above. Anything can happen in the next 12 – 17 months and we will guarantee that BOTH local casts will be performing the play in addition to that mentioned above.

It will be possible for you to accompany the tour anyway, but we will not be able to offer financial assistance.


01 May 2016

Congratulations to cast members!

We are very pleased to present the casts for Into the Woods, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Romeo and Juliet for this year’s Open Air Festival.

Into the Woods 23 June – 2 July

The Witch – JO HERCO


The Baker’s Wife – LAURA PHILLIPS


Little Red – DARCY WELCH


Cinderella’s stepmother – MEL HOLDSWORTH




Cinderella’s Prince – LEWIS COOK

Rapunzel’s Prince – TOM ELLIOT


Jack’s Mother – SARAH BAWLER

Mysterious Man – CLIVE RICHES


The Narrator – NEIL PARKER

The Steward – DANIEL IVOR

Woodsman – SAM GREEN

Cinderella’s Father – EAMON CORBETT

Sleeping Beauty – MEGAN WILLIAMS



‘Allo ‘Allo 7- 16 July


Edith Artois – TRISH MURPHY

Yvette Carte-Blanche – MELANIE CONNORS

Mimi Labonque – PHILIPPA BURT

Alberto Bertorelli – RICHARD THOMAS

Colonel Von Strohm – NEIL DAVIES

Herr Otto Flick – DAVID O’ROURKE

Helga Geerhart – HELEN FLANAGAN


Michelle Dubois – ELIN HAF EDWARDS

Officer Crabtree – SIMON RIORDAN


General Von-Schmelling – GREGORY OWENS

Airmen, Soldiers, Peasants, Members of the Resistance, Cafe Customers





Romeo and Juliet – 21-30 July



Friar Laurence – JAMES PRITCHARD


Mecutio – JON BARNES




Mr Capulet – TOBY HARRIS




Ensemble –











Brief Encounter Cast

We are pleased to announce the cast for Brief Encounter which will play the main stage at Chapter Arts Centre from 17-21 May. Tickets will be available soon.

Cast list

Lorna Prichard – Laura Jesson
Phil Lee Thomas – Alec Harvey
Marie Claire Costley – Myrtle/Dolly
Laurence Clarke – Albert/Fred
Rhiannon Rose – Beryl/Hermione
Shane Goodsir – Stanley/Stephen/Johnnie
Bec Parker – Usher/Waitress/Mary/Ensemble
Julian Richards – Usher/Waiter/Bill/ Ensemble

Calling All Festival Member-Volunteers

Calling All Festival Member-Volunteers

We are good! We’re really good! … But only as good as our amazing team of volunteers from our Membership.  To achieve our commitment to presenting an artistic programme that is ambitious, inventive and memorable, and to give our audiences a great experience, we want to increase our team of volunteers and improve our Volunteering Programme for 2016.

This year’s packed programme is “Into the Woods” (23/6-2/7)  “‘Allo ‘Allo” (7/7-16/7)  “Romeo and Juliet” (21/7-30/7) and Disney’s “Peter Pan” (23/7-30/7)  With each production running for 9 days and with a combination of weekday, weekend and evening performances, were going to be busy.

There are roles to suit everyone:   Backstage, Security, Front of House, Hair, Makeup, Costume, Props, Festival Bar as well as a wide range of pre-production tasks including Set Building/Painting and Publicity. If you would like to be involved,  either leading up to or during the Festival, please register your interest with Lynn Hoare:

Some things are even better out in the open … and volunteering is one of them!

Play selection 2017

Calling all Everyman Directors; existing and aspiring.

Help us to make 2017 a year that Chapter audiences will remember.

The Everyman Board are pleased to invite aspiring and experienced Directors for our productions to be performed on the main theatre stage in Chapter during 2017.

This year however there will be some important changes to the selection process.

New production times

We have moved the May production back to April and the March production back to February. Hopefully this will allow our members more opportunity to take part in these productions and, in particular, the new April date will not overlap with our preparations for the Summer Festival. The November slot will remain the same.

In all cases there are no constraints on the size of cast.

A special slot for new/aspiring Directors

In 2017 we are reserving the April slot specifically for those Directors who have not directed previously for Everyman. The purpose is to encourage “new blood”, to develop members’ skills and to increase our pool of Directors.

Members may already be aware that we are holding training events for aspiring members and already 10 people have expressed an interest.

We do currently have a requirement that any new aspiring Director applicants have had experience of directing at an Everyman Club Night or a similar event. This is to ensure that they will have “cut their teeth” before embarking on a full length production.

We hope from now on to encourage more of our aspiring Directors to use the Club Night and similar opportunities to develop their experience and skills set.

No Director can apply for 2017 if they have directed Chapter Everyman productions in 2016

This principle was agreed at the AGM to spread the opportunity amongst our existing Directors.

Making the Play Selection process more inclusive.

Following the successful involvement of the wider membership in choosing the Co-Directors for this year’s production of “Romeo and Juliet”, we are pleased to announce that all Everyman members will be invited to attend on selection day to receive the “pitches” of all the candidates to direct our Chapter productions.

We are still refining how this will work in practice so watch this space for an update and your invitation. It is hoped that this event will take place on Saturday 16th April ( a date for your diary).

So how do I apply?

Simple really; just decide on the plays you wish to direct and when. Then contact Sue Osmolska (Company Secretary) and ask for a Director’s pack which will contain all the information you need to submit your interest..

Key dates to remember are:-

Deadline for applications –  Thursday, 31st March, 2016

Play Selection Panel date – Saturday, 16th April, 2016

So good luck!