Brief Encounter

Everyman Theatre’s production of Brief Encounter (17th – 21st May)

Most people know the famous film of Brief Encounter, directed by David Lean, from the Noel Coward screenplay, about the ill-fated lovers, Laura and Alex who meet by chance on a railway station where she gets a speck of dust in her eye.

Alex approaches with the immortal lines   “Can I help? I happen to be a doctor”

A love affair started from this, but the year was 1939 when divorce was frowned upon, and Laura was married with children.  Against this love affair we also watch romance blossom between Myrtle Bagot who runs the railway tea rooms, and her gentleman caller Albert, who is a ticket collector on the railway, and the younger waitress Beryl with her beau, Stanley who sells refreshments on the train. Various other characters briefly appear, played by members of the cast.

This classic film has been adapted for the stage by Emma Rice (currently Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). Following a successful tour in 2010 it is now available for amateurs. It is highly evocative of the age with it’s censorious moral code, yet with humour, pathos and singing, all underscored with on-stage music from professional pianist Gwyn Morgans, who will also rehearse the singing chorus. The play is set in the railway station tea-rooms.

The play runs 17 – 21 May at Chapter Arts Centre. Tickets can be booked online or by calling 029 2030 4400.