Everyman Youth Theatre

Everyman Youth Theatre celebrates its 21st birthday this year.  We provide a variety of quality performances for young people passionate about acting and performance, in a variety of performance spaces.  We work collaboratively with young people aged 11 to 19, to create work through improvisation, script writing and text, exploring theatre for one, immersive theatre, musical comedies and Shakespeare.

The Youth Theatre meet every Sunday 630 to 830 in Chapter Arts Centre, not only providing the company with many opportunities to perform but also  aim to broaden the members’ knowledge through fun drama games and skills development. Members of the Youth Theatre also have the opportunity to take their LAMDA exams.  The last examination day saw everyone achieve Merits and Distinctions in Acting, and Verse and Prose at Grade 4 to Grade 8.  Many of the older members have been supported through their UCAS applications, and drama school auditions with many studying at GSA, East 15, LAMDA, RADA and Rose Bruford. This year, three ex members will be attending East 15, one at LAMDA, one at Arts Ed, with three ex members taking part in the National Youth Theatre and the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain Repertory Company.

The E.Y.T are looking for new members, so if you would like to be part of a Youth Theatre, where you are looking to explore acting and theatre with fun, rigour and creativity then please email youth@everymantheatre.co.uk

Everyman has a thriving youth theatre and encourages the youth members to integrate in its main season projects as well as in specific youth productions, including: Gargantua as part of the National Theatre Connections project, and a youth production of Shakespeare”s The Comedy of Errors. Most recently the EYT presented A Night of Improvisation Comedy (November 2013) at Llanover Hall Arts Centre. Other recent productions include: Macbeth (February 2012), The Adventures of King Arthur (July 2012) a take on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and some youth group members performed in The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner (September 2011) at the Atrium, Cardiff. In March/April 2014, Everyman Youth Theatre presented Hearts at Llanover Hall Arts Centre and Sherman Cymru as part of the National Theatre Connections project. Everyman Youth Theatre will be presenting Theatre for One on Wednesday 29 April at both 8 and 8.40pm in the Everyman Clubroom, Chapter Arts Centre. Most recently the Youth Theatre presented Hamlet (March 2015), The Adventures of Robin Hood (27-29 June 2014), and Impro Night (11 October 2014) Most recently EYT performed Theatre for One in the Everyman Clubroom for two performances in front of a small audience (21 November 2014)


Above all Everyman respects and values highly the contribution given by its younger members.

The youth group meets every Sunday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Evenings consist of drama workshops and theatre games as well as specific sessions given over to aspects such as tips for auditioning, improvisation and key skills vital in gaining a good grounding to becoming a good actor.

Please contact Sarah for more information about joining Everyman”s lively and active Youth Theatre Group.


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