Published on: Thursday February 16, 2017

Audition booking now open! Auditions take place next week, Friday 24, Saturday 25 February with call backs on Saturday 26 February.

Top Girls is a fascinating play about who wins when you put yourself first and who loses. Set in the early 1980s, the play features a fascinating fantasy dinner party with attendees from women from culture and history celebrating Marlene’s achievements. In this scene, which is the whole of Act 1, Marlene is the only “real” character and we assume the party is fueled from her imagination. The rest of the play explores her life in the agency and her relationship with the world outside of work, one which seems to have been sacrificed, and it isn’t only her sacrifice that has been made but one that the women around her have also had to make.

Set in the early years of Thatcher’s Britain the play examines what it takes for a woman to succeed, asking whether the uncompromising strive for personal achievement is really to be held above a more socialist form of feminism which favours collective gain and celebrates women’s instinct to care, and want the best for, those around them.

The audition pack can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The audition slots are:

Friday 24th February (7-10pm)


Saturday 25th February (11am-4pm)


Any recalls will be held on Sunday 26th February.

There is a potential for auditions on Monday 20th February, but these will only be held if auditionees cannot make the above slots or if there is high demand.

If you would like to audition but cannot attend on any of these days, please let us know as soon as possible. Please state which slot(s) you can make. As we need two or three auditionees in each slot, you may be asked to attend a particular slot. Please state if there are any you cannot attend.

Top Girls Audition Pack 2017

Audition pieces Kit and Angie

Audition pieces Joyce and Marlene


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