Published on: Friday December 29, 2017


Directors Pack 2019



Submissions for the “PLAY SEASON 2018” (i.e. non Festival productions) are now invited. Please note that the submission deadline is a strict one! Submissions to be sent to the Company Secretary at

The Board chose a theme for the 2018 season – but for Season 2019 – submit whatever you feel inspired to submit.  Be inspired – and inspire us all.

For the 2018 season we invited applications for three “core productions” but we welcomed flexibility and creativity.  We have ended up with five scheduled productions! We propose taking the same approach for 2019.  The “core productions” will be three productions scheduled as follows:

February / March 2019

April / May 2019

November 2019

It will be appreciated that our “home theatre” is in Chapter – and it is anticipated that the majority of our Play Season will appear there. However the board does not want to restrict proposals to that venue.  For 2018 a production is being planned that will visit a number of different venues culminating, it is hoped, with performances at the Edinburgh Fringe.  So, be inspired to think outside of the box!

As for the number of productions, there will be a minimum of three, but that is certainly no longer the maximum.

But, please note, if you want to present a proposal to produce a production at a different venue then you will need to have investigated the logistics yourself and present it as part of your proposal.  However all aspirant directors can be assured that ambition will be supported as far as the manpower logistics of a volunteer organisation allow. It will be important that additional productions do not adversely affect our established dates.

You may wish to consider that a proposal to direct a production likely to attract significant audiences might be better housed in a venue larger than the Chapter Theatre. The board is not seeking to prescribe anything – or to proscribe anything.  It is seeking to encourage creativity – and encourage ambition!

It is anticipated that the April/May slot will be reserved for a “new director”. That is, new to directing a main Everyman show. That does not mean either that the number of “new director” productions will be limited to one. Again, it is a minimum, not a maximum.

The board appreciates that there are experienced directors in Everyman – who have simply not directed for Everyman before. There is a long established rule in Everyman that somebody who has never directed for Everyman must have directed a “Club Room Production” before they can be considered for a “Main Production” – but the board will ensure that the opportunity to satisfy that criterion is given.

A draft budget needs to be submitted as part of your proposal.  Directors Pack 2019 contains more information. This contains a pro forma budget form for completion.  If there is any further assistance or advice that you would like please do not hesitate to contact me at:


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