Published on: Wednesday October 18, 2017

There are few topics more challenging than death, and the inevitable journey toward this state of non-being. The journey, one might say, is fraught with difficulty as we see our loved ones deteriorate, diminish, dement and lose their way; something we all fear; after all, what will happen to us come the evolution?

Patricia Cornelius, award-winning Australian playwright and woman with her finger on every pulse, has created a vehicle to drive this delicate subject, with the assistance of a brilliant cast and crew ‘on board’, home. And where is home? This timely play, with it’s emotive (and strangely cathartic) narrative, questions one’s very being – every nuance and breath illuminating. Cornelius says, “The main thing for a play is that it must provoke. I like things to aggravate. I love it when I go to the theatre and see an idea expressed that contests everything I believe, when there is potential for an alteration in my thinking.” Well, Patricia, you certainly altered my perception – allaying my fears of the inevitable; even offering me succour when visiting my own mother in the retirement home. Embrace the day, go forward and live your life – after all – what else can one do?

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