The Great Gatsby audition details

                                                   The Great Gatsby 

                a Simon Levy adaptation of the classic 1925 play by F Scott Fitzgerald 

   at Chapter’s Seligman Theatre Tuesday 27th February – Saturday March 3rd 2018

                                                     Cast needed:

Jay Gatsby   M/30+ A romantic idealist

Daisy Buchanan F/25+ Southern, wealthy, ethereally beautiful

Nick Carraway   M/28+ The narrator of the story, Daisy’s cousin. Honest, a gentleman

Tom Buchanan M 30+ Daisy’s husband, strong, sexy, athletic, rich

Jordan Baker F  25+ Daisy’s friend. Athletic sportwoman. Rich, attractive

George Wilson M 40+ Dimwitted and spineless.  He runs a garage near New York

Myrtle Wilson  F  30+ George’s bored wife. Glamorous, fleshy, sensual.  Girlfriend to Tom

Smaller roles:

Meyer Wolfsheim m/45+ (Gatsby’s business partner).  Mr and Mrs Mc Kee (neighbours), Policeman, Mrs Michaelis 50+( a neighbour) – these characters will also be on stage in parties and ideally be able to do some simple dancing.

Dancers: There are a few party scenes that will need some strong dancers

If interested in a smaller part / dancing please book your audition on:

Sat 11th @ 2 pm or Monday 13th @ 7 pm where you will have the opportunity be taught some moves by our dance leaders as well as reading for the smaller parts.

                               Audition Dates for the main cast:

                           Please choose the slot time you prefer.  

Monday 6th November; Groups auditions at: 7 pm:  8 pm:  9 pm:

Saturday 11th November; Group auditions at 10 am: 11 am: 12 noon: 3 pm: 4 pm:

Recalls, smaller roles, dancing auditions on Monday 13th November from 7 pm

If you are interested in auditioning for this production it is strongly recommended that you attend the Director’s Pitch at Chapter Clubroom on October 25th at 8 pm

for further details and to book your audition slot contact Jackie Hurley (Director) on:

07779 603836 or facebook / messenger me


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