Published on: Friday August 3, 2018

Unfortunately we have lost one of our actors who was due to play Mannock. We are looking for a male actor aged between mid 20s to mid 30s.

Here is the original audition speech, which does not have to be learnt but prepared.

Notes on Mannock

Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock Irish, (his parents were Irish, he could potentially have an English accent) but not to a caricature level; hot-tempered and impulsive, but with a quiet, reflective, introspective side which should come out in his letters. He was in many ways the most complex of the characters, and the actor needs to be capable of transmitting that. From what I can gather, he was massively talented in many fields (he was an expert violinist, and I pondered putting him in playing the violin offstage in contrast to Ball’s awful screeching attempts to play, but didn’t pursue the idea) but internally conflicted, which I think he would have been anyway, even without what he experienced in Turkey and thereafter in the war. Killed on 26 July 1918, aged 31. (estimated line count: 160)

If you are interested or know of anyone please contact Sarah Bawler through FB or email, and we shall arrange an audition. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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