Sarah Argent and Kevin Lewis Workshop on Children’s Theatre - October 2019
Teacher’s Course at the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge with Andy Kempe - January 2020
Gareth Harris Workshop - April 2019
Photos from Frantic Assembly Workshop - April 2018
Creative play with paper in a Melting Pot workshop - October 2019

MELTING POT: Training and Skills Development

  • MELTING POT is the training arm of Everyman Theatre. Monthly sessions have a focus on theatre skills and are organised by a planning sub-committee, currently chaired by Barry Slack
  • A fully costed programme of training events by professionals in theatre and drama take place during Wednesday club nights from September until May – these sessions are on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • They are primarily provided for members of Everyman but non-members are also welcome. They are FREE except the day course in spring.
  • Monthly reports are presented at Everyman Board meetings on all MELTING POT activity.
  • Since 2018, MELTING POT has offered day courses in theatre skills. These have been held in Llanover Hall and are in spring (e.g. Frantic Assembly 2018). A small charge is necessary for these workshops.
  • MELTING POT now runs an annual residential course for teachers of Drama, Performing Arts and Primary in January. Non-teachers are also welcome. A fee is charged for this course.

  • MELTING POT training opportunities have included sessions on the following:

  • Performance skills – acting, improvisation, devising
  • Auditioning techniques and advice
  • Backstage Work – Lighting, props, stage management
  • Directing
  • Mask Work and Commedia dell ‘arte
  • Physical Theatre
  • Radio Drama
  • Royal Shakespeare Company Training events
  • Writing for the Theatre

  • It is important to point out that:

  • MELTING POT sessions have a needs-based skills, development and training remit.
  • They are led mainly by professional practitioners, or by our own specialists.
  • The training programme is planned, costed and paid for by Everyman for YOU.
  • Members can offer ideas for future sessions or a professional practitioner who might provide a suitable workshop.
  • Generally speaking, the FIRST Clubnight of the month – for each month that Clubnights operate (September to May) – is designated a MELTING POT session.
  • The Training Sessions are designed to deliver experiences which should be FUN, as well as great learning opportunities for all participants.


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