The Government Inspector Audition Notice

Everyman Theatre proudly presents The Government Inspector


The play was written in 1836, but will be updated to the late 19th century and set in South Wales, with a minimal set with realistic furniture props. The Russian names will still be used.

The action takes place in winter and has two locations: a) The Mayor’s house b) A bedroom in the inn, The Gay Hussar. A gauze will separate the two scenes.

The Government Inspector is one of the most famous comedies in world theatre, and was adapted as a film version starring Danny Kaye in 1949 (The Inspector General). Gogol’s comedy is still highly relevant in today’s society. In a small town, corruption is rife and the Mayor and his cronies have got it made. However, when they learn in the first scene of the play tha they are going to be subject to an undercover government inspection, they panic. In the process, they mistake a penniless clerk staying in the town’s hotel as the government inspector and lavish him with gifts and bribes. As the play progresses, they swiftly become victims of their own stupidity and greed.

The play is a dazzling blend of preposterous characters and familiar situations. Vladimir Nabokov, the novelist and literary critic called The Government Inspector the greatest play in the Russian language. Past productions have included Rik Mayall and Alistair McGowan in the central role of Khelestakov.


Saturday 7 September 2019

* Each session will be a workshop audition and text will be provided in the session for the 10 participants. Generally, characters will speak with Welsh accents except for Khelestakov (RP) and Osip (Cockney). Ages listed below are guidelines only.
* The version being used is the adaptation by John Byrne (1997)
* Contact Barry Slack (text or call) to book your audition session – 07913 677375

Session 1 10 – 11.30am (10 per session)
Session 2 11.45am – 1.15pm (10 per session)
Session 3 2 – 3.30pm (10 per session)
Session 4 3.45 – 5.15pm (10 per session)

RECALLS – Tuesday 10 September 7.30 – 10pm
READ-THROUGH Monday 16 September
PERFORMANCES: Tuesday 26 – Saturday 30 November (6 performances)


(17 in total – 12 males, 5 females – some roles can be doubled or played as male or female. Casting of Mayor and wife’s ages will be similar)

KHELESTAKOV, a young man from St Petersburg

OSIP, his servant, age 40 – 60

The MAYOR, age 40 – 60

ANNA, his wife, aged 40 – 50

MARYA, his daughter, aged 18 – 20

MISHKA, his young servant

MAGISTRATE, age 40 – 60



POSTMISTRESS, age 30 – 60

DR GIBNER / ABDULIN, age 25 – 50

BOBCHINSKY, a town resident, age 35 – 60

DOBCHINSKY, a town resident, age 35 – 60




Various other shopkeepers.


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