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Audition Notice: Under Milk Wood


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Discussions are under way about the staging a PUB THEATRE FESTIVAL in Cardiff in the late autumn. We will also be investigating as to whether this could include socially distanced performances in CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE.

Under Milk Wood was created as a PLAY FOR VOICES. The first performance was as a radio play broadcast in New York in 1953. My concept is to present the play as actors giving the performance as if in a radio studio. This is partly influenced by the needs of social distancing. However, there is no question of compromising standards. Such an approach is faithful to Dylan Thomas’ original intention. This will be a “Voice performance” of this Play for Voices – not a “reading”.

This production is produced by Everyman Theatre Cardiff. It is not a professional production, but those who know Everyman’s standards – know Everyman’s standards. Auditions are open, but anyone cast will have to join the company. Prior to confirmed casting – not prior to auditioning.

If you are interested please email me your interest – address at the bottom. I anticipate auditioning by Zoom – or by sending auditionees a piece to self video record and return to me. One thing is essential – a credible Welsh accent. I am not going to be more specific than that – but Welsh accents are absolutely essential.

I hope to use 14 actors, 7M 7F. What we really want to do is get some live theatre back to Cardiff. One final teaser. I am considering the possibility of proposing that this production might be added to the programme of the Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival: Everyman 21. That would be one performance only, on a Sunday night, but in front of a potential audience of 400. No commitment to that would be required from those cast in the Pub Festival. However, I would hope that those of you already cast in the 2021 Festival show could participate. Subject to discussing it with the Directors first of course.

Let’s get back on the boards! As I said above, if you are interested, please email me. peterhardingroberts@gmail.com

Peter Harding-Roberts.
Director, Under Milk Wood, Everyman Theatre Cardiff

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