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Audition Notice: The Rose and Crown

Audition Notice – The Rose and Crown
A one act play by JB Priestly

Discussions are under way about the staging a PUB THEATRE FESTIVAL in Cardiff in the late autumn. We will also be investigating as to whether this could include socially distanced performances in CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE.

The Rose and Crown is a hidden gem. It is the first of Priestley’s published one-act plays and originated as a specially written television play for the BBC. It was transmitted from Alexandra Palace first on 27 August, 1946; Priestley went on to adapt it for the stage in 1947.

The setting is the public bar of The Rose and Crown, a small pub in North-East London, one evening in early autumn 1946. Into the bar comes an assortment of working-class characters who, with one notable exception, are fed up with life. Their conversations comprise the small change of bar talk, whose gloomy progress is interrupted by the arrival of a Stranger. He has been sent from on high to collect a quota of people who are to meet their maker that day; due to a mix-up he’s one short, but on overhearing the 5 complaining, offers one of them the chance to make up the shortfall – and they have to decide which one goes. Suddenly everyone finds they’ve a reason to live and starts pointing the finger at who they think should go.

This production is produced by Everyman Theatre Cardiff. Auditions are open, but anyone cast will have to join the company. Prior to confirmed casting – not prior to auditioning.

Performance dates and rehearsal arrangements to be confirmed.

The cast is 7 in total. 3 men, 3 women, the stranger can be man or woman. Age range: 20s to 55+. Ages shown are indicative and not absolute. London accents will be needed by all characters with the exception of the stranger.

Mr Stone – a miserable, grumpy, grumbling plumber, late 40s/50s
Mrs Reed – a loquacious, mournful, gossip always complaining about her insides, 40-55
Percy Randle – newly married, pessimistic – has trouble with his glands, 20/30s
Ivy Randle – Percy’s wife, timid and wistful to begin with, but grows more decisive, 20/30s
Ma Peck – a bitter and disreputable old bag woman, 55+
Harry Tully – the only cheerful one amongst the characters in the bar; happy-go-lucky, healthy, jovial 30/40
A Stranger – ‘not extraordinary and yet, not quite ordinary’, efficient, matter-of-fact, 30-50.

I am really looking forward to getting started.

Many thanks
Wayne Vincent.
Director, The Rose and Crown, Everyman Theatre Cardiff

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